Letter To ALL Members


WE are the Blood, Sweat and Tears that waters the "Tree of Liberty".  If we fail to take action we will lose "The Republic".  The progressive globalists want to destroy OUR Constitution and enslave us.  The plan is to rule over us by attempting to provide a solution.  What a solution we have allowed to be created; Taxation and Federal Reserve.  How is that going for us?  Well Taxed Enough Already and a dollar that is .0233 of its value before the Federal Reserve.  No more Federal than Federal Express.

We must get together with our local Patriots.  The way we do that is we join our state and our county group.  The county groups are on the left hand side of the state group page. 

How else will you meet others that have joined with Restore the USA to help Preserve the Republic?  We have to meet face to face and go as groups and show up at local politcal clubs, events, town halls and municpal or meetings.

The attack is on and we must step up and take action.

I encourage you to watch, if you haven't already, the free movie showing of Revelation.

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