The Leftist Factions Against Trump

Our friends at Americans for a Free Republic, offer this explanation of what we are facing and why. As always, Nelson does a bang up job in proving his piece.

There are five basic factions in today's society that have a visceral hatred for Donald Trump and have forged a resistance to his administration that is destroying any hope for American restoration from a Trump presidency. Their goal is to produce legislative stagnancy over the next three years for his "Make America Great Again" agenda, to therefore neutralize him, and thus doom his re-election chances in 2020. The stage will then be set for resumption of our march toward the globalist World Government that has animated American politics for the past century.

These five basic factions aligned against Trump are: 1) the liberal multiculturalists of the Democrat Party, 2) the collectivist professors of our universities, 3) the "fake news" media pundits, 4) the quisling RINOs and Neocons of the Republican Party, and 5) the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon complex.

Let's elaborate on these factions:

The Leftist Factions Against Trump

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