The U.S. is Dangerously Close to Mass Democracy

The Center For Self Governance is a great advocate for understanding our principles and the reponse to those principles that is required. In the following piece, Bill Norton describes the reasons for why we are dangerously close to a democracy. As we know, we are a republic.

Were you happy to see the presidential election conclude on November 8th only to be disappointed in the escalation of hostility after the election? America has always prided itself in the ability to have a peaceful transition of control. Are we losing the ability to have that peaceful transition? If so, why? Perhaps it is because we are being conditioned and trained to believe our system is a pure democracy, so we are behaving as if it were true.

Some democratic principles are an important part of our Republic and must be preserved if we are to maintain a balanced, free government. But history has proven the road to mass democracy will lead to turmoil, contention, anarchy, and will necessarily result in a tyrannical oligarchy that will be difficult to reverse.

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