If you are on this site, you realize that OUR Country has been hijacked by the Progressive Left. Whether it is illegal immigration or refugee resettlement, the most egregious attack is on the "Bill of Rights".

With the advent of continued school shootings and the fact that most schools are so-called "Gun-Free Zones, the lefties have gone on the attack of OUR firearms. The very firearms that OUR Forefathers had credence to protect as a RIGHT. The RIGHT to protect OUR life, liberty and treasure from the very government that they created. Not a privilege, a God given right.

Now the debate turns to school safety and the logical solution is to protect the schools. Whether it is well-trained armed teachers, administrators or staff, the solution is obvious. If a perpetrator knows that the resistance will impede them, they will not attack.
So what soes the progressive left do. They force the children to "stand in solidarity" with no choice not too. See the following story from Breibart.  
Five Lies About the Student ‘Walkout’ for Gun Control.

So our willy nilly Senators and Representatives need to hear from us. TODAY. Contact them by e-mail, phone or letter. Visit them locally. Better yet, group up with those in your County or State and have a group visit.

If you haven't joined your State, do it here. If you haven't joined your County, after joining your state, find your County on the left side of the State page. The only way for us to make a difference is to do so together. Individually our voice is not heard. Together, our voice can make a difference. If everyone of us contacts our Senator and Representative, our voice can be heard.

Without each other we stand alone.

Group together and share your strategy with one and other. YOU, have to take the ACTION.

REACH OUT to your STATE and COUNTY Group and make it happen. Post and share your efforts so others may be so inspired to PROTECT OUR REPUBLIC.

In Liberty,
Edward Durfee
Webmaster, RTU

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