Understanding what is Taqiyya

Some well stated points of interest. 

The millions of legal, illegal immigrants, refugees, visa overstayers foisted on America by every conceivable bit of taqiyya-tongued-trickery, (Obama hate-monger lies, laced with the support of the most evil army of willing accomplices in the history of the world), and the overwhelming financial support of George Soros, who bragged that he owns the Democrat Party, and has been quoted as saying "destroying America will be the culmination of my life's work" and playboy Saudi Prince Al-Weed who just pledged his 35 billion dollar to the implementation of the obscene Islam/Sharia agenda in the West, Europe and America. 

To say nothing of the complete complicity of the Muslim directed United Nations in their decision-making prominence in deciding who, how many and where the great Muslim majority of entrants will be inserted in America, those decisions clearly being made with total capitulation to making sure that filters of radical, leftist, Muslim Brotherhood geographic interests are best served and first applied.   

To the everlasting, shameless discrimination against America's citizens, including the most needy and neglected infidels, Christians, caucasian poor to the extent that these heavy-handed executive orders and lawless edicts might result in massive unrest and civil disobedience, tantamount to causing the declaring of martial law and quite possibly the suspension of the 2016 election.  The Obama Administration, with the able assistance and foresight of BFFR, Weather Underground's own founder Bill Ayers, who laid plans for that eventuality in his goal to start a black/white race war in the late sixties,  has spent the last 8 years in preparing for such a happening by weakening our local, state and national ability to put down.

These are just some of the destructive policies directed by Obama's POTUS dreams, now and beyond, and his chief collaborator for the future, Hillary Clinton, has verified in her campaign rhetoric that she has every intention of continuing with total support of his caliphate if she is elected in November.

Minds Versus Matters
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