This page will contain instructions and recommendations

for the strategies and accompanying tactics to be employed

as we engage politically to ensure we achieve our stated goals.

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We the People, in order to ensure our destiny, must recruit and elect the best people that we can, to administer our government.

All activities are to be designed to gather a critical mass of citizens in one local area in each county and state to mount a political process that gets our government officials under our control once they take office.

Strength in Unity.

This website is based on politically active groups and all activity is centered in the groups.

It is very important to join groups and to meet the players in your groups. Without each other we are ineffective in our actions.  

With many "boots on the ground" we become a "force to be reckoned with".

This "force multiplier" concept is what our site is about.

Bringing like-minded Patriots together, with a unified purpose, to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

When the politicos see many, they take notice.  

Especially when we continue to show up, not just assemble a few times in Washington DC and then go back home.  

We stand guard locally and constantly, never letting our guard down, to instigate and foment changes that will return the Government to its proper place. 

We request that all Patriots do the following:

  • Join “The United States” group page
  • Join your “State” group page
  • Join your “County” group page
  • Recruit 2 friends

Join the United States Group

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Find and Join your State

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Find and Join your County

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Invite your friends:

Bring in 2 friends

     Politics is a numbers game

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Don't forget to friend the Patriots in your groups.

Help Wanted

The following positions are available.  

State team coordinators
State web techie
County team coordinators

Please send your intention to volunteer to the following address.

Communicating on the Site

All communications are initiated from the “My Page”, the “State” page and the “County” page when available.

Events and Activities

Only events and activities to be posted on this tab.

All postings must be approved by the Administrator of the State or County page.

Events and actions are the tactics that will enable us to achieve our mission.

Info to include.

Name of Event or Action
Day, Date and Time.
Name of Group or individual sponsoring
Purpose and description.
Misc info.

To post go to the Events and Activities tab.
A posting window will appear.
For additional instructions on posting send a request to RTR

News and Articles

Only news and articles are to be posted on this tab.

More Operational instructions.


Each State will have a State coordinator and his or her team


Each County will have a county coordinator and his or her team


Weekly Meeting

Each County will meet weekly using Roberts rules to conduct the meeting.

All activities and actions will be planned and decided upon at these weekly meetings.

Members will select a team to lead the weekly meetings and to maintain ongoing operations.

Members will volunteer to monitor and report back to the group, Weekly meetings, the activities of Town and City Council meetings, County Freeholder meetings, State government affairs and U.S. Congressional representative’s affairs.

These “boots on the ground” volunteers will provide human intelligence in all areas of government. Their reporting will provide the intel for discussion of the appropriate tactics and a planned response will be drafted.

Volunteers in turn will present to the government agencies, they are monitoring, drafted lobbying proposals for what changes we want or what practices we do not want based on the individual issue.

We must identify what our government is doing wrong, indicate what they should be doing right and take this information directly to our friends and neighbors.

This will be done at monthly Townhall meetings. See following section.


Monthly Townhall Meeting.

Each County will have one Town Hall meeting per month.

The public will be invited, including OUR government officials, and other professionals  to augment the issue being featured at the meeting.

This meeting will enable the group to show our neighbors what their government officials are doing wrong.

These Townhall meetings will be the backbone of our “election ground game”.  It will provide the basis to controlling your government by electing people who will represent you and whom are proficient and knowledgeable on the issues.

This meeting, in addition to taking on issues, will serve to be a recruitment event to bring in new members to the RTR and to recruit the public to the “political ground game”.

Political Ground Game for Elections

This includes all facets of the election process including but not limited to the recruitment of viable candidates to run for office.


Each county will be expected to initiate the following ongoing projects.

The Basic Four Activities

1 Weekly County Meeting

1 Monthly sponsored Townhall meeting

The monitoring of all Government Agencies - Municipal, County, State and Congress

Election Ground Game



Don't forget to friend those in your groups.

Our Strategy is to bring regionally situated, like-minded Patriots together on a weekly basis to effect the political change necessary to wrestle OUR Government back from the progressives that have hijacked it.

Our structure is centered on 5 pillars of taxing authority that fund Our Government; Federal, State, County, Board of Education and Local City or Municipality.

We have created a group for each of these authorities and encourage you to choose which group you wish to work with.

All strategy and tactics will be shared by the group leader of each group.  

The more ideas and solutions that we share with each other, the more effective we become.

Established groups and organization.

Most Groups and Organizations set up a face book page to be able to get their message out and be exposed to as many people as possible. Facebook is not set up geographically so most things are hit and miss.

The RTR is not intended to be a replacement for Facebook.

The RTR is a political tool to enable patriots to control their government officials and elect those who will truly represent us

As an example of how a “group” would benefit by having a presence here we will use the issue “common core” as an example in Oklahoma. A common core group would open a “group page” on the “Restore the USA. with their name on it and a link to that group would go on the Oklahoma State page under Active Groups.

We found a common core Group on facebook called “Stop Common Core in Oklahoma” at They have a very clever promo line which says “Don’t drink the SchoolAid”. They have 2,788 likes and the next question is how many of these folks are from Oklahoma.

Now a member can look at the Active Group list, see there is a common core group available and join it.

Secondly, any events or actions that “Stop Common Core in Oklahoma” post in “Events and Activities” can be seen by all in the state and can join the event even though they are not in their group. It serves as a force multiplier.

Many of the Events and Activities will be generated by the various groups that take pages on this site.

All members in addition to bringing in 2 more members should encourage groups that they are active in or know about to take a page on the Restore the USA.

It can be overwhelming, but if we all jump in and take one step at a time we can accomplish our mission

Any comments or questions please direct them to the Webmaster.

Once again, WE can make a difference.