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    If you are concerned about the future of our communities, we ask that you review the following comments and join us in creating solutions for the betterment of our state and our country.

    We the People are fed up with how “They” are disregarding our safety, trampling on our Constitution and are tearing down the United States of America. It is time for the conservative majority to work together and nullify laws that are unacceptable and to begin building sanctuary cities for the preservation of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

    Points to consider:
    They have stolen elections and they are destroying our entire voting system

    They are in the process of stacking our courts and controlling the entire judicial process

    They are coming after our guns and defunding our law enforcement agencies

    They are teaching our children to hate our country

    They are promoting transgender acceptance and other sexually perverted ideologies in our public schools

    They are destroying free speech so that our voice and opinions will never be heard

    They are controlling our social media and mainstream news outlets

    They are dismantling the wall on our southern border

    They are allowing millions of diseased and dangerous illegal & undocumented immigrants into our country

    They are allowing left-wing moguls to buy up thousands of acres of farmland for nefarious reasons

    They are forcing an increase in fuel costs

    They are allowing our historical monuments to be torn down and our history be rewritten

    They are ruining our country…

    The Florida County Volunteers will work with all individuals, groups and organizations to make our local communities a better place to live and work in.
    Thank you for visiting and joining with us.

    Ron Bass
    Florida State Coordinator and co-administrator for this social network Restore the USA (RTU)

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