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  • i sent Rob a private message on this RTU let me know if you were notified that a message was said and if so how they notidied you.

    there was a nationwide wide call for Freedom rallies but heard nothing about about what you referred to at the jail.

    Ron Bass

  • So much going on, hard to keep up, So, Jeremy Brown, former Army special ops and OK'er from Tampa is on US Marshall hold in the Pinellas county jail on federal charges for his Jan 6th incident at the capital. I had no idea that there was a OK protest at the Pinellas Justice Center for Brown until I learned about the arrest of the Oldsmar man for packing a viable pipe bomb that same day. Did anyone else in the Pinellas County Voluteers group know about this OK protest in advance?


    • Hi Rob. No one that I have spoken to nor anyone at the weekly gotomeeting had heard of it either. Natinl should be informed, do you agree or have any ideas?

  • The "automatic" fill-in-the-city-from-zipcode is inaccurate!  My zip is 33778-3604.  33778 is used by Largo and a portion of Seminole.  I live in Seminole and the location shown "provided" for me is Largo....incorrect and not correctable (that I have found yet).

    • Michael,

      FYI- Largo Zip is 33771


  • I want to help preserve MY country & her values & constitution! My ancestors fought, bled & died for this country! I will do the same!
    • YES! Thank you!


    • Thank for your comment. Stay active.

This reply was deleted.
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