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Glad to see I'm not alone here in Indiana!  Welcome to you, Mssrs. Drake and Stapp!  I hope we can share Restore the Republic with our friends and relatives so that they too can hopefully sign up and join us.

In my view things don't look very good on the national front.  Congress doesn't seem to remember that their job is to represent those of US back here in the cities and towns of Indiana.  We don't seem to have a president (small "P") who cares much for the nation and who in fact appears to be doing a lot to damage it.

I'm not sure what we can do about it as individuals except to continue to write to Congress, expressing our concerns and wishes.  But as time passes and we individuals become a group we can exercise some real power.

Europe is being overwhelmed with so-called "immigrants" from Muslim countries.  Especially Sweden and Germany are in trouble right now, and in Germany many "immigrants" are just disappearing from the camps.  I assume that they are going AWOL to blend in with the Muslim community without anyone knowing who or where they are.

I think it is reasonable to believe that at least some of these are Jihadist terrorists who will at some time in the future begin doing their dirty work wherever they are.  And we here in the United States are not too far behind.  In addition to the "legal" immigrants that the social service agencies are bringing into the country (and thereby making nice fat profits for themselves) there are those coming across the southern border, mingling with the Guatamalans, Hondurans, Columbians, and others who sneak across our border under the cover of darkness.

In places where the Islamist population is greatest, their numbers will increase exponentially by the simple fact that they have a high birth rate.  There are places where they will be able to conquer without firing a shot just by virtue of their numbers.

I think we can somewhat welcome people who come here for the purpose of achieving a better life, provided that they don't take jobs that Americans need and can fill.  They can to some extent assimilate into the population, learn our language, and adopt our values.

But Islam is not like that.  Islam will never assimilate, never adopt our values, never become an actual part of our communities.  Islam wants to rule us under Sharia law and will never accept any other way.

I am starting to read reports that in some countries this realization is coming forth, and in some places they are beginning to DEport some of the more militant members of the Islamic faith.

Well, what's the answer for us here in America?  I'm sure I don't know, but we can't begin to arrive at a solution until we, as a nation, finally realize the huge and dangerous threat we are under at this very moment.

Restore the USA is a start.

John in Noblesville

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  • This from my firearms instructor, John Farnam in Colorado:

    "When that awful moment comes my way, for one, I will not be responding to  

    such bestial violence with “tweets,” but rather with fast-moving

    .355-caliber  projectiles (at least until I can get to my rifle)!  Of course, there

    are  no guarantees, but for one, I will go down fighting, rather than

    surrender to  these modern-day savages for whom wanton murder is part of their  “


    It is obvious that the BHO Administration’s agenda does not include  

    protecting American citizens from terrorist attacks, attacks that ISIS has  

    already promised are coming our way soon.

    Down here at the peon-level, every American better understand that we are  

    on our own.  Whatever protection we enjoy, we’ll have to provide  ourselves.

    My advice:

    Stay alert and aware

    Have a plan

    Buy guns, ammunition, blades.

    Get  trained in their effective use

    Go armed

    “A well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in  

    arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country.”

    “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike citizens of  

    other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with  arms."

    James Madison


  • Do you think that the events in Paris will wake up some of our somnolent legislators?  How long do you think it will be before we are reading about similar terrorist attacks here in the US?  My guess is that it won't be long.  I read that gun sales are up, and I certainly hope that if an encounter with these Islamist thugs takes place, the place is filled with men and women with concealed carry weapons.  

    The only thing these savages understand is force, and we must resist them with every ounce of courage and gunfire we can muster.  I encourage everyone to be armed, all day and every day.  There won't be time to go unlock your gun cabinet, acquire your firearm, and load it.  It must be on your person, one in the chamber, and ready to go.  

    Not everyone wants to be armed while at home, but hear this!  If you are armed all the time, at home or out in the community, that is the way you develop the habit of being armed and ready at all times.  Nothing else works.  It has to be your daily habit, just like putting on your underwear and socks.

    Only in this way can you be sure to be ready to fight back when some Muslim extremist decides to kill some Americans.

    Don't forget, you have to actually go to the range and shoot your weapon!  Fire it until using it is second nature.  Take classes.  Learn how to operate your chosen gun under any conditions.  Learn how to reload in a hurry.  Learn how to clear a malfunction, because they will happen.  Learn  how to properly maintain your weapon, keeping it clean and ready for action.

    Learn to pay attention to your surroundings so as not to be surprised when something happens.  Have a plan of action in case you are caught in the middle of an attack.

    This may seem extreme and unnecessary, but what do you suppose those Parisians would say if you discussed it with them?  I am sure I don't have to answer that.

    Come on folks!  Let's put our ideas into concrete actions.  Start today and DO IT NOW!!

    • Totally agree

      While we are prepping for concealed carry and doing range work we need to contact our useless Congressmen and tell them to stop the refugee program for Muslims immediately. Maybe they may wake up if enough of us get to them.

      • Ron, you are absolutely right!  Our do-nothings in Congress need to stop the refugee programs immediately.  All we are doing with those is bringing in more terrorists who will soon be called upon to attack us here in our homeland.  I have written to Congress many times, I guess now around 400 times, and all I get back are "weasel words" but no concrete action to protect the Republic.

        If the events in Paris don't get their attention I don't know what will.  But I guess we have to keep trying.

  • Welcome John in Noblesville!
    You are right on with what you say. We will need to vote out the career politicians; however, we need to be cautious who there replacements will be. taqiyya is rampant in our country- beginning with the moslem in chief the idiots elected- TWICE. I fear our country is about to be over run with more so called immigrants, and all that will be left to do is lock and load. May God help us and God Bless America.
    Deb in nazi New Jersey
  • Well said John.
    In regard to your comment "what's the answer for us here" I heard Presidential candidate Mr. Donald Trump say that he would send these people back to safe areas and that they did not belong here for obvious reasons.
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