Set up security for your Church

Muslims Targeting U.S. Churches

Take action-send this article to your church elders.

Pastors need to be aware their churches are significant targets. See other related articles here and here.

UTT offers this important guidance for pastors of churches of all denominations:

Understand the real threat the U.S. Islamic Movement poses and educate your flock.

Stop conducting “interfaith outreach” with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas organizations like ISNA, ICNA, CAIR, MAS and others. They are part of the enemy’s program.

Encourage parishioners who are properly trained to carry firearms to do so, and make sure it is known

Consider posting a sign in front of the church saying something like “The disciples carried weapons and Jesus was okay with it, so we are too.” This would be a tremendous deterrent

Put together a team of active or former law enforcement officers, military, or other trained individuals from the church, and build a security

UTT offers training for security teams and can help as needed.

Train the members of your church on how to respond to someone in the church who may be conducting pre-operation surveillance and what to do if an attack happens, so they can be prepared not scared.

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