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The Oregon Firearms Federation is alerting ALL Oregon residents of this potentially lethal legislation, SB 941, the universal gun owner registration bill passed in the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session.  A synopsis of the bill follows.

"This bill eviscerates due process and turns Oregon into a Soviet style collection of secret snitches!"

"Basically if someone makes a claim that you are, in their opinion, experiencing a 'mental health emergency' you lose your right to buy a firearm," the alert explained. "Included in the list of people who can make that accusation against you are such mental health 'experts' as a college history professor, your boss, or an aunt you have not seen in 20 years!"

"Once the accusation has been made, it's your problem to get your rights restored," OFF elaborated. "You are not even allowed to know who made the accusation and you are not informed that your rights have been taken away unless you attempt a firearms purchase! You are not allowed to know how long the 'hold' on your rights is! The person who made the accusation is immune from any liability for making the accusation that takes away your rights."



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