I share this intel that I just received.  Do not be lulled into believing this is going away soon.

Events are moving at a rapid pace and the nature of the threat we are facing is changing with it. There has been a marked consolidation of messaging from all of the large protest organizations around the “anti-fascism” theme. In the past week we have seen protests in Austin TX sponsored by La Raza affiliates that featured this messaging. In NYC over the weekend there was a major Black Lives Matter march that featured this theme. The theme has achieved resonance. This is particularly worrisome as it is bringing large disparate groups with competing goals together under a common anti-government movement. Please read the following article from It’s Going Down:




One paragraph is this article really stood out to me:


“It is true that many of us have to stay focused on solidarity work, mutual aid, and self-defense. There’s no way around that. However, the time has come to ask ourselves: under an extremely hostile administration, is it more realistic to set out to overturn the Muslim ban and halt further construction of the border wall, help our friends and loved ones evade ICE roundups and stay out of prison, stop the DAPL and Keystone XL, protect our drinking water and slow down global warming, tame the financial sector and stop the police from killing people and defend abortion access all at the same time—or to take down the government itself?


We may find that the only way to prevent everything from getting drastically worse is by going all in on revolution. “


Please let that sink it a bit.

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  • Moving forward the "Deplorables" who supported Trump should seek to connect at the local level in response to what the 'leftistas" are doing.

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