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Hello, to those in the WA group.

I'm making this "article," as I wasn't sure where else to post this. ATM, I've sent friend requests to each of the members of the group. I, myself, am located in Spokane County (Valley, to be exact).


I'm hearing a lot of stuff, and a lot of bad, but all I'm hearing is "things are happening in the background." Lunatics are rioting. Governors are mandating BS, and for those that don't, either mayors, or in at least one case, Panhandle Board of Health of North ID passed a mandate.


Things are NOT going to get better, and We The People need to do something, before we all fall down.


Masks do Not Do Anything! For some people, such as my wife, masks can cause serious health issues, but the LameStream glosses over it, and we see people behaving like terrorists to people who refuse to, or who can't. We shouldn't have to be concerned about drawing on self defense to protect ourselves from the insanity, and worse, worry about #LiberalLunatics charging us with crimes for defending ourselves:

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