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Open letter to ALL MEMBERS

My fellow Activists,

It has been some time since I communicated with you and feel the need to do so now.

I activated late in life, as a 53 year old man; I began the effort to elect Ron Paul.  I became a precinct leader and engaged my neighborhood.  I have continued that to this day and in fact am a member of the Local Republican County Committee.  I am engaging the politicos from the inside.  I attend meetings and bring the message of Liberty and Prosperity to those surrounding me.  I attend Freeholder meetings and make it known that we are watching ALL that they do with OUR TAX MONEY.  I hold meetings with likeminded County residents twice monthly and we discuss ways to engage the politicos.  We have been able to fill many spots in the County Committee with others like myself.  So what I am saying here is not pie in sky.  If you wish to once again be SELF GOVERNED, you must engage.

We are members of the RESTORE THE USA, a political action network.  This action calls us to engage the politicos in their arena.  This means involving ourselves with the so called decision makers that we (sic) have elected.  This action has to be local.  We are least effective when we concern ourselves with the federal issues. 

That is the ultimate decision for the creation of RESTORE THE USA.  It is the realization that we are allowing the elected to stay elected and thus RULE OVER US.  This has to change and change very rapidly. 

The most effective way to change is to engage locally.  This means attending local town board meeting, school board meeting, county freeholder meetings and meeting with likeminded activists.  Thus, we see the reason for the State/County group structure of our network.

It is incumbent on us to find the local activists that are willing to activate and strive to release us from the tyranny that has beset OUR Government.  When the Founders created the Declaration of Independence, they stated clearly, “that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the GOVERNED”.  Have we consented to the over spending by our Treasury, the open border policies of recent time, the onslaught of so called refugees, refugees that come to take and NOT assimilate to OUR WAY of life?  Did we consent to change the meaning of words like marriage and gender, to name a few?  I say not.

So I call upon you to TAKE ACTION TODAY.  Bring your friends and create pockets of change or resistance, whatever pleases your fancy.  BUT DO SOMETHING more than being a keyboard warrior.

Our network is designed to allow everyone to see what others are doing and mirror those efforts in their locale.  Whether it is attending meetings and asking questions or delivering petitions to the elected.  This is the ACTION that we must take.  Use what works for your locale and leave what doesn’t.

Feel free to post events under the Events and Activities Tab.  Use the News and Articles to post those articles that pertain to your locale.  We are in formation and encourage you to follow the mission statement and join the various groups to stay informed.  As we grow and you find a group that doesn’t work for you, you can always leave the group.

You are here, so utilize the tools, make suggestions and get busy.

In Liberty and Prosperity,


Edward Durfee

A Founding Member and Webmaster


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Mission Statement

Welcome to your new

Political Action Network

Alone we can do so little

Together we can do so much

(RTR - I'm In) is a platform that is set up geographically in order to  unite concerned citizens at the local level to work together to Restore our Republic at all levels -  ie; Town and City, County, State and Federal. We need to insure that the best of our fellow citizens are chosen to run, get elected and govern accordingly to give We The People what we deserve and will demand. Good honest responsible constitutional government. 

The basic strategy and motivation for this social network is to enable people to join together at the local level, where we live and work, and get out from behind our computers and go where the "political rubber" hits the road. That road could lead to many various places such as Court Houses, City Council meetings, County Meetings, Board of Ed meetings, State legislative hearings, RTR sponsored Town hall meetings, and etc.

Too many  citizens of this once great country,  sat home for the last 50 years and allowed those with "new ideas" to manipulate us and take control of our governments, our schools, our media and our culture, and et. al.

It is our mission here to re-take our once great Republic back and restore it.

This can only be accomplished by large numbers of people participating and getting out from behind our computers.

Thirteen years ago I became an activists in response to the attacks on our homeland on September 11th, 2001. I opened a website and the URL was "Let's Take Back America". Early on I received an email that asked me how I intended to "Take Back America". I answered honestly and said that I did not know but intended to find out how.

Now  13 years later I believe that many of us have learned, in various ways, how to "Take Back America". We have just not been able to put a united "political force" together. Hopefully, this "Political Action Network" platform, will allow enough of us to join together locally to move forward and see some real results from our efforts.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren and those who follow to do whatever is necessary to preserve this nation for them.

And we owe to all our veterans who gave their lives and limb, that we do whatever it takes to insure that their sacrifices were not in vain. 

With that said I am all in - Texas style. 

None of us can do this alone but if we join together, victory will be ours.

Thank you all for visiting this site and hope that you sign up.

Ron Bass
A Founding Member of RTR - I'm In.

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