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  • This goes along with what I posted on my timeline.  The "Creeping Sharia" is infecting every public policy and event imaginable.



    California: Golden West College cops force skeptics to stop asking questions at "Islam 101" whitewa…
  • I've never been PC, but I live my life by truth.  It's obvious that Muslims cannot assimilate into the American culture.  I believe Muslims would be happy to repatriate there homeland, clean it up, and by all means live by Sharia law.  American's will not live under Sharia law, we are a free enterprising democratic republic who live by our Constition, God, freedom of speech, self defense, and equality.  

    Presently, the US is in the middle of a revolution for good vs. evil, nationalism vs. globalism, borders vs. open borders.  Main stream media is now a left wing propoganda machine manipulating our people, causing division between us.  Tech companies are censoring our online presence and patriots must work together to fight this revolution to restore America.

    We have a do nothing left wing obstructionist congress and mid-term elections have begun. Our President's cabinet is still waiting to be confirmed behind Congress with their left wing impeach 45 agenda.  

    America has been up for sale throughout the Obama years, selling off our uranium, intellectual property, top secret government operations, and our entire country was for sale to the highest bidder.

    All that stands between our success and failure is President Trump and our Patriots, so Fight! Fight! Fight!

    • Outstanding assessment of our situation.

      You say fight fight fight. This social network mission is to get control of our political parties at the local level. As much as we do not like to accept that politics and our elected officials control all aspects of our life it's true. It controls all law enforcement, the judiciary and the executive branches.So our mission is to insert ourselves into the inner workings of the republican party for now. Starting with the committee slots in each voting district. Those who decide to activate themselves in this direction would only have to devote themselves to go to one meeting a month at a Republican Party organization. We are aking everyone to join their "RTU County group" to co-ordinate our unified efforts. Joining the Republican organizations will not be our only strategy to "Restore the USA" So much for now. Thanks for joining.


      Please join your county group.

  • Support President Donald Trump.
    Become a political warrior - become a committeeperson.
    Look up the voting precint or district in your town.

    at Voting District

    Then send a message on your my page to me Ron Bass with your Town, State County and
    Ward # and Precint or District #.

    Precinct Committeeman Strategy

    - How to find your local committee?

    - Call your county Republican committee chairman.

    - Call your state Republican committee chairman

    - Search the web

    You are a resourceful American, no?

    Do whatever it takes.

    Voting District
    Query and get lists of Voting District. Use free tool that shows population, housing density, or your custom data on the map; and the tool that shows…
  • Patriots,


    If you are on this site, you realize that OUR Country has been hijacked by the Progressive Left. Whether it is illegal immigration or refugee resettlement, the most egregious attack is on the "Bill of Rights".

    With the advent of continued school shootings and the fact that most schools are so-called "Gun-Free Zones, the lefties have gone on the attack of OUR firearms. The very firearms that OUR Forefathers had credence to protect as a RIGHT. The RIGHT to protect OUR life, liberty and treasure from the very government that they created. Not a privilege, a God given right.

    Now the debate turns to school safety and the logical solution is to protect the schools. Whether it is well-trained armed teachers, administrators or staff, the solution is obvious. If a perpetrator knows that the resistance will impede them, they will not attack.
    So what soes the progressive left do. They force the children to "stand in solidarity" with no choice not too. See the following story from Breibart.  
    Five Lies About the Student ‘Walkout’ for Gun Control.

    So our willy nilly Senators and Representatives need to hear from us. TODAY. Contact them by e-mail, phone or letter. Visit them locally. Better yet, group up with those in your County or State and have a group visit.

    If you haven't joined your State, do it here. If you haven't joined your County, after joining your state, find your County on the left side of the State page. The only way for us to make a difference is to do so together. Individually our voice is not heard. Together, our voice can make a difference. If everyone of us contacts our Senator and Representative, our voice can be heard.

    Without each other we stand alone.

    Group together and share your strategy with one and other. YOU, have to take the ACTION.

    REACH OUT to your STATE and COUNTY Group and make it happen. Post and share your efforts so others may be so inspired to PROTECT OUR REPUBLIC.

    In Liberty,
    Edward Durfee
    Webmaster, RTU

    Pollak: Five Lies About the Student 'Walkout' for Gun Control | Breitbart
    The mainstream media are celebrating the "walkout" as an authentic expression of outrage that demands a response from political leaders. But it is no…
  • We have spent the last 9 months putting together a large group of people who want to take Florida back its called the Florida Freedom Caucus we have people in the state legislature that are lisitning to us and we will be recoginized with just like the local REC'S.We are aware that it was not only republicans that voted for our President there were a large group of independants and democrats. So we want this to be for people regardless of party who belive in free market priciples, the Constituion and the Bill of Rights and the right to bear arms.. We are against the convention of states. but we are starved for time if anyone has any questions or would be intertesded in joining plese contact me through my message box or reply. We are working with people from the New American, and some who have worked all the way back to Barry Goldwater,President Reagan, and our President. We are already setting up in Florida's 10 Media Markets.

    • Thanks for the information.  May I suggest that you join Florida and start posting and dialoguing there.  There are many members from Florida.

      You can post your events and news items anywhere but this is really a Florida Effort.

      Best of luck and keep us updated!


      • I thought I was posting in Florida let me know if I am doing this correctly

        • Select Your State then Florida, join and then post there.

          Restore the USA
          E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many One
  • My fellow Patriots, we are in a war for the Salvation of our country. We won the biggest battle of all by electing Donald Trump, what a great president! I proudly stand side by side with all of you to defend our president and our country!

This reply was deleted.

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The present Refugee Resettlement Program is proving dangerous for American's national security and personal safety. The government is spending your tax dollars to bring tens of thousands of mostly Sunni Muslims into our country. Look at Europe and most recently Nice, France. Wake up America!

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Time to stop the importation of Muslim Refugees into our homeland at a time when Islam has declared war on the West.  

We should not allow ourselves to make the same mistake that Europe has made by allowing a massive refugee immigration  

We are bringing them here with our tax dollars.  

This is taxation without representation on steroids.  

Polling shows that 75% of Americans agree that the Muslim importation should be stopped.  

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