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Letter To ALL Members


WE are the Blood, Sweat and Tears that waters the "Tree of Liberty".  If we fail to take action we will lose "The Republic".  The progressive globalists want to destroy OUR Constitution and enslave us.  The plan is to rule over us by attemp

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Overcoming confusion

The ideal of political authority is to create a public mind that is a mirror image of the pretense of government. This is a perfect crime against human liberty.

The first cause of government is and can only be suppression of our human nature and loss

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Is Bitcoin the Answer?


These are the issues at the heart of Bitcoin's monetary conundrum. For it to become usable as money its price must stabilize. For it to stabilize it must be able to expand and contract, under collateral agreements, according to ordinary
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The Survival Mindset

2049406?profile=originalThe success of an individual in a survival situation is dependent upon several variables including knowledge, skills and even a fair amount of luck. One of the other components that everyone should have is a mindset for survival; the ultimate surviva

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Fascists were the good guys?

Years ago in 2012, I published a thorough examination of disinformation tactics used by globalist institutions as well as government and political outfits to manipulate the public and undermine legitimate analysts working to expose particular truths

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