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So "We the People", the citizens of Pennsylvania are again paying for illegals.  Awaken Pennsylvania and remove these scoundrels from your government.

Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, and the symbolism of that icon now apparently includes the liberty to break the law with impunity, as well as the support of the local clergy and City Hall.

When incoming Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney took over City Hall from the more appropriately named Michael Nutter this year, he got to work quickly. One of his first actions was to firmly establish (or perhaps reestablish) the status of the City of Brotherly Love as a “sanctuary city” where city law enforcement would be forbidden from working with ICE to facilitate the deportation of illegal aliens. (

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  • Thank you i'm tired of paying for illegals
    • Hi Tina,

      Perhaps you can meet with your friends and "engage the politicos" before this morphs into an out of control freight train.  We have to stand up and Defend OUR Constitution or we lose the "Republic".  Invite your friends and neighbors to strategize on the site so others can take a lead.

      In Liberty,

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