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From Karen Bracen - TNACC

I confirmed today (1-26-16) that Representative Rick Womick is amending HB1268 and once amended and processed through fiscal review the bill will be scheduled for debate and vote.   

Currently we only have 1 co-sponsor (Rep. Courtney Rogers) on the HB1268 and ZERO co-sponsors on the Senate bill (SB1298).  The more co-sponsors we get on each bill the better chance it has of moving through committee and to the floor for a full House/Senate vote.  This bill, if passed as written, will restore many parental rights that have been taken away over time.  Rights we should not have to pass law to restore but we do what we must.  If this bill passes you will no longer have to fight with your school to OPT OUT of high stakes testing or to OPT OUT of the dangerous digital platform that tracks your child's every move and key stroke.  This bill also declares parents the primary authority over their children's education.  This bill passed easily through the House and Senate in Utah 2 years ago and is now law.  

PLEASE call your Tennessee House Representative and ask them to co-sponsor HB1268 (let me know who you contact).  And call your Tennessee state Senator and ask them to co-sponsor SB1298 (and let me know who you contact)

I will be working hard to get co-sponsors so please let me know of any Representative or Senator you have contacted.  If you contacted a Representative or Senator in the past and were told this bill is a dead bill please contact them again and let them know this bill is very much alive.  My email is: or call me at:  215-692-2147

If Rep. Womick or Sen. Niceley represent you there is no need to call them.  They are the SPONSORS for the bills.  You might want to call them and thank them and let them know you support this bill. 

Rep. Womick - 615-741-2804  Senator Niceley - 202-741-2061.

We are going to need a huge amount of citizen support to get this bill passed.  There are already people that want to insure this bill dies in committee.  I know Rep. Harry Brooks does not agree with OPT OUT and is aligned with DC on this issue.   So if you want this bill passed, as written 
we need co-sponsors and we need citizen support


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