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The 2016 legislative session started last Tuesday and so far our Parental Rights bill has not been scheduled and it does not have even one co-sponsor.  If this bill is important to parents you must get people to call their TN House Representative and Senator and ask them to vote YES for HB1268/SB1298  AND ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor.  We want this bill passed as written.  We do not want them to water it down to the point that it accomplishes nothing.  And believe me there are members of our General Assembly that DO NOT want this bill to pass (Harry Brooks is one of them).  The OPT OUT accommodation conflicts with the unconstitutional ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).  Please know 2 things.  1.  Common Core is not and will not be gone in TN.  2.  ESSA does not give control of education back to the states.  Here is just a very short brief idea of how Sen. Alexander deceived us AGAIN.  In a stunning interview Arne Duncan described how he and his team hoodwinked the members of Congress to pass this legislation and the deals made behind closed doors.  His Chief of Staff Emma Vadehra told a group of state education committee chairs that ESSA will embed college and career (Common Core aligned standards) into law and they do not expect any states to get away from the standards.

Parents all over America are gearing up to OPT OUT of the end of year high stakes tests and practice tests.  Lets not be left in the dust.  When HR5 was passed there was an amendment that was also passed to allow parents to OPT OUT of high stakes testing.  BUT when Sen. Alexander gave power back to the states (this is a LIE) that amendment was not included in the conference bill called Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)  So much for returning control to the states.  This is just lie #1 of many lies.  The schools have committed to test 95% of eligible students but there is no law that says students must take the test and even if there was we must not comply.  We need parents to organize and hand in the OPT OUT FORM and INSTRUCTIONS.  Our form allows parents to not only OPT OUT of high stakes testing but the digital platform and surveys (all of which are used to collected data including biometric data).  In NY last year there were schools that had an 80% OPT OUT rate and this year we believe more states will follow the lead of NY.  If HB1268 gets passed then we are in the clear but again unless there is mass outcry for it passage we will have no other choice but to OPT OUT.  Time to take back control.  The time for relying on our elected officials to do what is right has long since passed.  If TN had just a 20% OPT OUT rate the impact would be huge.  They will threaten and intimidate because THEIR hides are on the line.  They made the commitment and did not consider how parents felt so put the illness on them to pay the price.

And as always we recommend home school as the only real solution to 1.  truly educate our children  2.  protect their data  3.  bring the family closer  4.  see our children smile and happy to learn
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