Maybe some of you agree it's time to take action to stop the Islamization of America.

Every battle has to start somewhere. The RTU (Restore the USA) has chosen to start with the Refugee Resettlement Program which brings Muslims into our country. The RTU program seeks to defund the program by demanding the House of Representatives cut off funding.

We are now calling this tactic "Occupy Congress".

We print out a petition, which can be found at the RTU website, see link below and hand deliver it to our local Congressional office every Wednesday. If enough people participate we may be able to force the House to pass a veto proof bill. This Muslim "invasion" is driven by the Muslim Brotherhood at the UN and we are paying for it. In Islam it is called the Hijra. The USA is now in their cross hairs.

Go to the following link, print out the petition and start to "OCCUPY CONGRESS" by hand delivering the petition to your local congressional office. #OccupyCongress


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