American Sheepdogs and patriots - our country is in our hands. I love my country, but despise this corrupted, criminal government. Time for a real change.

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  • Amen brother people need to wake up the enemy's plan has already been set motion. Our economy is being destroyed, ourr government has been infotrated, and the media is blinding the people. Obama was a sleeper cell imbedded to do exactly what he did. Wake up people we are being betrayed. We the people should govern this country,so why is there policies that damage our lives. They are secretly moving radical Islamic terrorists into our communities right under our noses, and using tax payer money to do it. They mobilized crowd control equipment right under our noses. They built prison camps on our soil which are currently empty. Wake up people. U think our government is for us come on the same government that destroyed the population with opium drained our money to fund terrorists. Opium from where that's right wake up people. Our soldiers are being destracted. The same people that control the banks controls our economy and government. These people are masters of manipulation. The media, movie , and entertainment community has shaped the way we think, but it's all an illusion. Don't know check and see if the FDIC is a federal organization it's not it's privately owned. See manipulation at its finest. It's time to start thinking as individual s
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