For all you Obama/Hillary pussies, American hating dickheads, YOU FORGOT 9/11 on 9/12, you are pathetic, you have no honor, you only lie, you hide in HOLLYWOOD, MARTHA VINYARD,NEW YORK, UPPER NORTHEAST. YOU SALE MY brothers and sisters lives for one thing, to Promote your PERVERTED BULLSHIT,VILE LIFE STYLE. YOU THINK HOMOSEXUALITY, ABORTION, DRUGS, VIOLATION OF LAW, NOT TO LOVE,RESPECT AN HONOR ONES NATION, ANIMALS LIVES OVER HUMAN ONES MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR NATIONS FOUNDING FATHERS, OUR NATIONS DOUCMENTS OF FREEDOM, YOU ARE AS BAD AS ISIS, EXCEPT YOU HAVE SCUM DO YOUR KILLING. THE CLINTONS, KENNEDYS HAVE KILLED NEAR HUNDRED AMERICANS AND YOU DONT GIVE A SHIT. SENATOR KENNEDY, THE WORLD KNOWS HE WAS DRUNK, DRIVING, SCREWING CHICKS OTHER THAN HIS WIFE ALL THE TIME, THIS TIME HE FEEL ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING DRUNK, WENT INTO THE WATER AND MURDER THIS YOUNG BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS A KENNEDY, YOU PUSSIES SAID OK. CLINTONS HAD RON BROWN, SEC OF STATE OR DEFENCE MURDERED IN BOSNIA( and 5,or 10 addition American Airforce, Soldiers, secret service members) HIS PLANE CRASHED INTO A MOUNTAIN, IN FOG..I SPENT 17 years crewing UH60 BlackHawk Helicopter, and know, as EVERYOTHER Military pilot, that is BULLSHIT and the Medical Examineer that did autopsies on Ron Brown has never been scenic again. The M.E., WHO HAD DONE HUNDREDS OF PLANE CRASH AUTOPSIES, said he had NEVER scene a PERFECT circle, like the one at the base of RON. BROWNS SKULL, THE SIZE OF A .45 cal bullet. But, as long as you lazy, no good scum sucking maggots get your free welfare, food stamps, cell phones, shit that isn't guaranteed under the Constitution.
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