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  • You know it and I know it. THESE CRYING, WHINNING FOLKS THAT SCREAM THAT WHITE AMERICA IS RACIST, THIS IS THE FARTHIST FROM THE TRUTH. THE BLACK PANTERS, FARAKHANN, SHARPTON, JACKSON, LARGE NUMBER OF HOLLYWOOD BLACKS AND RECORDING ARTIST, ALONG WITH POWERS LIKE OPRA PROMOTED RACISM, PROMOTE KILLING POLICE OFFICERS, PROMOTE KILLING WHITE AMERICAN, AN THE WUSSIE WHITE AMERICANS THAT,AGREE,WITH THIS, ARE.DEMOCRATS, AND THRY ARE RACIST, THRY ARE THR PARTY OF SLAVERY( the party of LINCLON is the party for Blacks..look it up in the history books, low income inner city black Americans.just don't beleive your democratic used car salesmen that HAVE TO KEEP YOU OPPRESSED, how else to those leaders make their millions,while your on food stamps????? Look into your leaders, imagine if you were successes, the odds are you would become a,Republican because you don't want all you money going to those that don't earn it. Legal Mexicans are not happy about illegals, they are taking away what the legal system have paid with, money, and hard work...yet,Mathews folks will vote for Clinton to get your hard earned$$$$$. Hillary DOSENT give a rats ass about you folks. For the Islamic pig,jumpers...the picture ABOUVE is for you...your not wanted here, your not wanting to become Americans and follow our ways, you say if you come to America, and we don't convert to your thinking you will kill us. Fuck you and you shall burn in hell...Obama is only president for 10 months, then a American will be President and your days are numbered. Deportation here you go.
    • Agreed. We must stop Refugee Resettlement locally. Call your posse together and start the action now.
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