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Are you ready to battle for Our Republic. These lefties are doing all they can to defeat the American Republic. They are on track to change all that we know. We have to do our part. Come out and help us forge a path to victory over the Election Integrity. Whether it is calling or showing up we can not give up. We are fielding candidates for ALL the state offices that are available. Governor, Sheriff, Senate, Assembly also County positions of Clerk, Executive and Commissioner. Local County Committee and Board of Education is also on the upcoming primary.

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  • Edward, we are looking for information on becoming a precinct committeeman for NJ, and as I'm sure you're aware, NJ is much better at holding on to secrets than the FBI is.  Did you ever send out any OPRA requests for information, such as how many seats are open, who occupies them?  Anything at all?

    • Hi Dergy,

      While I personally am involved in my local and county politics, I have the list of County Committee by municipality.  It would be up to those that are in their local counties to get that information.  That is the beginning of the solution, OPRA your County for the list.  We are looking for volunteers to organize by County, only 21 here in New Jersey.  So far we have Bergen, where I am, for sure.  

      Thanks for starting the conversation, perhaps others will chime in and take the action needed to help Preserve OUR Republic.

      • Edward,

        I can volunteer for Morris County where I live. I have the committee contact list and have already been involved in calling some of them (4 of the towns) for the Hirsch Singh campaign for Governor. I am active as an administrator for the New Jersey section of Dergy's precinct committeeman site. Also, I am submitting OPRA requests to counties which haven't published the list of committee members.

        David Phillippi

      • We have the same goal.  We created a private site where we help people get elected to PC positions.  We walk them through it and gather all the resources, do the background checks on the current CP's.  Once they're in position, we then use them as our "trojan horse" to get others elected.  We recruit more PC's for their area.  Additionally, when they identify a candidate, we bring the candidate in, put them both together with the activists who GOTV.  Our candidate for NJ governor position is having a hard time getting information, so before we start filing a lot of OPRA's, I thought I'd see if you guys already obtained any of that info.

        • Hi Dergy,

          Who is your candidate for NJ?

          • I'll let them introduce themselves, but our candidate is whoever the PC's agree on, and that may change with time.

            In any event, I think our two groups can/should work together.  Who are the PC's for your district?

            • Our County Committee is comprised of over 1200 when full.  So area is relative.  I am Municipal Chair in Northvale which is one of 70 municipalities in the County.


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