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  • VOTE NO in November. Hernando County Commissioners Wayne Dukes & Steve Champion are trying to pull a fast one on voters. In spite of overwhelming opposition from homeowners in Hernando Beach & Weeki Wachee, Dukes & Champion want to use part of the “protected” Preserve to build a recreational swimming area. It sounds good, even fun, BUT (1) the land is a designated Preserve for wildlife & a bear corridor (2) the County has many other projects in need of repair, (3) the County has a huge budget deficit in the millions (4) there is another swimming hole within an 8 minute drive from the Preserve. These two Commissioners are only looking for votes; to get their name in the paper. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the Commissioners poor decisions. Say NO to a recreational park in the Preserve.
  • Hernando County has a few good Commissioners and we hope to replace the bad ones that are up for re-election this fall. Wayne Dukes & Steve Champion should be replaced. They are corrupt conspirators. I’ll explain more in another post. For now, know that money is being seriously mishandled.

    In April 2018, Hernando County fired its budget manager after a review of county finances revealed an unexpected shortfall of nearly $6 million. In October 2017 the County commission raised property taxes. In June, Tampa Bay Times reported Hernando County has a $14 million shortfall. The county’s established pattern of overestimating revenue and underestimating expenses is evident in this proposed development. The development is deceptively described as “Free”, yet lacks detail and transparency of one-time and recurring costs. This must stop.
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