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We have spent the last 9 months putting together a large group of people who want to take Florida back its called the Florida Freedom Caucus we have people in the state legislature that are lisitning to us and we will be recoginized with just like the local REC'S.We are aware that it was not only republicans that voted for our President there were a large group of independants and democrats. So we want this to be for people regardless of party who belive in free market priciples, the Constituion and the Bill of Rights and the right to bear arms.. We are against the convention of states. but we are starved for time if anyone has any questions or would be intertesded in joining plese contact me through my message box or reply. We are working with people from the New American, and some who have worked all the way back to Barry Goldwater,President Reagan, and our President. We are already setting up in Florida's 10 Media Markets.

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  • I've been actively involved in politics since Barry Goldwater and I am FOR a Convention of States.

    • We can not uphold the Constitution now. If you make the Constituion better who is going to uphold it. And if the Dems take over the Convention which they could you could wind up losing good stuff.

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