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  • Thank you not sure why it's not showing this on my end , but it could be my device, Thank you

  •  https://restoretheusa.net/state-groups/fl-Clay

    Clay County, FL
    E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many One
  •  Looks like if you click on county, you will see a button on the right "Join Us".     I believe that's the way.

    • The Join us is only for States, It says after you join State pick County on left from list but there is no list 😀

      • You have to be on the Florida state home page to see the county list on the left

      • The county list is right at the bottom if you are using a smartphone. Scroll down until you see it. I think it's at left only on a computer.

  • Is there any group for Clay County Fl ? There is no list to join county like it says?

  • SB90 -- Vote-by-mail ...... Favorable vote out of committee!!

  • Why is Precinct Committeeman position considered to be the most powerful position in the entire GOP? Find out here: https://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com/category/precinct-committe...

    We can help you become a Precinct Committeeman.  Message me, and I will tell you how....

    Precinct Committeeman: Most Powerful Office in the World! – The Precinct Project's Blog
    An explanation of the power of the individual precinct committeeman.
  • How to start your own GOP organization: https://patriots.win/p/12hReOpwXg/do-something-stop-complaining-ho/

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Good morning fellow Floridans!
My name is Shannon, and I have been asked to be the Florida state lead for Restore The USA. As I am sure you all know, times are getting questionable for those of us who love our country and Constitution. It appears that some 60 odd years ago, the communists/liberals began a movement, that seated them firmly in power. As I am sure you are all starting to realize, that is the very definition of a nightmare, for those who love liberty. My question to you is.........Did you know that the founding fathers faced a similar situation? The answer to their almost identical problem was one word, "Nullification". Nullification, is simply to ignore their "new" rule;law.

Please visit our Florida page to read the rest of this post.

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