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  • In response to Ron Bass's call to action:

    1. I will be attending my first Miami-Dade County Republican Executive Commitee meeting tomorrow after contacting the county chairman, Rene García.

    2. I have called and emailed both my Florida Senators Rubio and Scott and made clear my objections to their promotion of a Red Flag gun confiscation bill, S.292. 

  •  This message was sent to me by Henry DeZoete and I am reposting here.

    Progress at last! The Tallahassee GOP office gave me the name & direct cell no. of the Miami-Dade GOP chairman, René Garcia. Just called him and he seems pretty keen for me to join the Exec. Committee or become an alternate if there’s no vacancy. They just had their elections, but he said “don’t worry, we’ll get you in”. He told me the M-D GOP, if not the Florida party, is restructuring, and for what it’s worth he is particularly focused on protecting our constitutional rights, esp. 1A.

  • Thank you for coming to visit the Florida site.

    Our first assignment will be for every one to make contact with the republican party in your town and in your county. As you make contact try and get them to put you on their email list so you can be aware of all their events. Please post andshare all that you do, here on the what's on your mind section so others can learn from your experience. more to come.

  • State Senate district map


    District Maps - The Florida Senate
  • Great article Shannon! The fight for legislation will rest upon the fears of states to lose federal funding. Funny thing is, most Red states by their conservative nature attempt to be self sufficient. We need to become active in Florida to push these types of bills here.Does anyone know how best to drive these initiatives? Should we gather signatures? How do we start the grass roots movement?

    • Thanks Pete.  

      The first step is to get involved in your own town and/or city.  Run for councilman, committee person, presinct person (someone on a committee that has a say in how your presinct votes).  What county are you in Pete?

    • State Senate - District 31
      State House - District 81
      U.S. House - District 21
      U.S. Senate:

      Find Your Legislators - The Florida Senate
    • Here are some suggestions. Contact your State representatives and talk to them. Links on the top of the Florida page may provide info about them. Also contact your Town and County  Republican chairs. What you want to become is a one person unregistered citizen lobbyist.

      There are some links on top of the Florida page which may help you contact some of the legislators.

  • Please see the "News and Articles" section of this page.  I was able to post the article about Missouri nullification there.


  • 3 of 3 - Another thing, I think all of us should get behind is, the establishment of, "Sanctuary states, counties, and towns for the Constitution".  This is where we fit in.  We must start right in our own towns and work our way out.  Where the Constitution is safe, we are safe.

    I am here to help with ideas, as to where, we, as members, should start.  Please contact me to let me know if you have already started this journey (becoming involved in your town and/or

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Good morning fellow Floridans!
My name is Shannon, and I have been asked to be the Florida state lead for Restore The USA. As I am sure you all know, times are getting questionable for those of us who love our country and Constitution. It appears that some 60 odd years ago, the communists/liberals began a movement, that seated them firmly in power. As I am sure you are all starting to realize, that is the very definition of a nightmare, for those who love liberty. My question to you is.........Did you know that the founding fathers faced a similar situation? The answer to their almost identical problem was one word, "Nullification". Nullification, is simply to ignore their "new" rule;law.

Please visit our Florida page to read the rest of this post.

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