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  • We Can Govern Ourselves

    These are rock-solid principles that do not countenance expedient exceptions.  They are not true one day, sort of true the next, and then discarded the day after that.  The right to own firearms in order to preserve life and constrain the growth of tyrannical government does not disappear because Congress or the Supreme Court or the president wakes up one morning and decides that modern government is sufficient to protect the people from crime and is capable of determining for itself what is and is not tyrannical.  The right to engage freely with others and chart one’s own course through life without stifling interference from school boards, regulatory agencies, or tax authorities does not vanish because a new generation of petty totalitarians decide that they may control each American’s life from “womb to tomb.”  The right to personal freedom lives regardless of whether government actors decide to stamp it out of existence.  It exists in perpetuity beyond the artificial laws created by man.  Dissolving it by government decree is as absurd as decreeing that henceforth there shall be no sun or stars.  No matter how hard they endeavor, rule-makers cannot destroy what they did not create. 

    By J.B. Shurk

    We Can Govern Ourselves
    Tens of millions of us were brought up in America to view rightly Marxist-socialism as an evil ideology that must be destroyed.  Part of our personal…
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    President Donald J. Trump
    c/o The Mar-a-Lago Club
    1100 South Ocean Boulevard
    Palm Beach, Florida 33480

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    • Come  one come all!    A worthwhile cause!  

  • We need a national platform to get on the same page...with a strategic united mission.

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  • https://www.cancelthiscompany.com/index.html

    List of liberal progressive companies to boycott
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Good morning fellow Floridans!
My name is Shannon, and I have been asked to be the Florida state lead for Restore The USA. As I am sure you all know, times are getting questionable for those of us who love our country and Constitution. It appears that some 60 odd years ago, the communists/liberals began a movement, that seated them firmly in power. As I am sure you are all starting to realize, that is the very definition of a nightmare, for those who love liberty. My question to you is.........Did you know that the founding fathers faced a similar situation? The answer to their almost identical problem was one word, "Nullification". Nullification, is simply to ignore their "new" rule;law.

Please visit our Florida page to read the rest of this post.

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