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  • The clock is ticking. We must respond to shut this down.

    1. Permanent Democrat control of New Jersey
    The NJ Constitution defines how the State will draw boundaries to elect State Senators and members of the NJ General Assembly (Art. IV, Sec. III) after the 2020 Census. Democrats have scheduled a final committee hearing on a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would change who names members to the Apportionment Commission that draws the lines. Control of the map = control of the Legislature. Guess what their objective is.

    While the plan to make these changes was first introduced in January (ACR60, SCR43), it didn't go anywhere. But after months of political squabbles, agreement by leaders was apparently reached at the League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City. It appears the plan now is to rush a full vote before this year's sessions end, then push a quick second vote in January, so it will go on the November 2019 General Election ballot. New Jersey voters always vote yes on any question on the ballot. Result: permanent Democrat control of the state.

    Monday, November 26, 10:00 AM 
    Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee on SCR43,
    possibly in conjunction with the Assembly Appropriations Committee 
    WHERE: State House Annex, 131 West State Street, First Floor, Committee Room 4


    • Constitutional Amendment to
      Control Legislative Apportionment Commission (SCR43, ACR60):

      Points you may wish to make: (More detail on these issues, below)

      Vote NO! on SCR43 / ACR60
      This is a technical amendment. This measure manipulates the Constitutional process to provide a permanent advantage to one political party (the Dems!).
      It is not good public policy
      It's not necessary. Even under the present process, Democrats will likely control the next "map"
      Scheduling the hearing when the public is least likely to react is an insult
  • 130103985?profile=RESIZE_710xHelp Wanted.

    Need committed persons to maintain banners and continue to carry the message into election day.

    Must be committed. No half hearted efforts.

    The banners are designed to de-motivate Democrats and Independents. Just like we have done before.

    We urgently have to do our part to save the Congress.

    Please let us know you are committed by responding to ~


    For the Republic,

    Edward Durfee

    Frank Cott


  • Please make requests for public information (FOIA Requests) through the OPRA Machine! That way, your request is available to anyone who needs it! And if you opt for electronic delivery,   the government’s response is available to anyone. 



    Make and browse Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests
    Support Daryl Brooks OnFire TV
    Saturday Sept 22, 12-4 Trenton State House
    Please support this event tomorrow Saturday Sept 22 at the Trenton State Capital. You can go to https://www.facebook.com/events/663748083983938/  
    Our new initiatives:
    1. Recall Loretta Weinberg- This is in the works since the summer and I need 50 folks to go up to Bergen county and help our patriots pull this off.
    2. We have to join WWW.RestoreTheUSA.net to help us organize town by town so we can fight low income and taxes. 
    3. We are starting exploratory committee to Recall Murphy. 
    Please consider helping Seth Grossman and Bob Hugin as they do have a chance to win You have to fight back folks. 
    Our new approach will eliminate our fears and frustration as we now focus on needed local work. As big brother Joe says, “all politics is local and is needed now to save our Republic.”
    Frank Cott


    Monmouth County True Patriot  Coalition
    Americans Push Back for Trump
    Pro American and patriots pushing back on globalist progressives and inflict pain on anti Americans activities. Multi Cultural is un-American and de…
  • https://www.nj2as.org/housing_developer_bans_guns_in_rental_properties


    Housing Developer Bans Guns In Rental Properties!
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