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This is the year, during the primary, that County Committee seats are elected. 

Committee members are the voting body of the county political party.  They are elected by local voting district.  Their duty is to inform the voting district of the political events and actions by your party.  You also are responsible to vet and approve candidates.  As a political block you can move the party toward "WE the PEOPLE", away from the party control.

If you are already involved in the local party activities then why not be a committeeperson.  If you are not involved, get involved.  You only need a petition and about 3-4 signatures to be placed on the ballot.

Committee members serve their towns  

Many people wish they could be involved and help foster positive change in their community, but don't know how.

They hope someone in a leadership position will promote awareness of political actions that are in harmony with the Bill of Rights and warn against those that are not.

Did you ever consider that person could be you if you were voted into your local county committee?

Each town is divided into voting districts or precincts. Each of these is represented by a man and a woman duly elected at the primary. That is the county committee. Each party has one, and terms are for two years.

County committee members make up the local party clubs and encourage other like-minded neighbors to get involved. They are tasked with getting to know the voters in their district, learning the local issues, and attending municipal club meetings and the county committee monthly meeting. They are the eyes and ears for local, county, state and even federal candidates.

They bring the party and/or candidates' message to their neighbors and engage them to partake in the political process. They bring their neighbors' message to the local and county committees by attending meetings and engaging their fellow committee members.

County committee members can have direct influence on party platforms, policies and selection of candidates. A county committee person is the voice of his or her community.

Why can't that person be you?

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