NJ Gun laws Strike Again - NO Joke.

We have always been very vocal on the insanity of New Jersey's gun laws and how they turn innocent people like you and me into criminals. Simple possession of an innate object could lead you to years in prison for a victimless crime. A recent and prime example of this is the case of Carlo Bellario. A New Jersey actor and comedian who is now facing over 10 years in prison for…possession of a BB gun (also known as a toy gun in normal States).

For those of you who have not heard of his case yet, Carlos was volunteering for a low-budget production film playing the part of a bodyguard. While filming a scene for the movie he was provided what he thought was a prop gun. During the filming a neighbor called the police and when they arrived they arrested Carlos for illegal possession of a firearm and is now facing over 10 years in prison. For more information on this please visit: http://pix11.com/2016/03/25/no-joke-standup-comic-faces-possible-prison-time-for-movie-shoot

Now, instead of complaining about how bad New Jersey's gun laws are (which we all already know) we need to focus on the overzealous prosecutors who believe prosecuting these cases serve the public interest. What I am asking everyone to do is call Andrew Carey who is the Middlesex County Prosecutor and ask that he do the right thing and drop the charges against Carlos. It is very clear Carlos has become victim to New Jersey's draconian and ridiculous laws and it does not serve the public interest to waste New Jersey's limited resources. The prosecutor has the ability to drop charges as they have in other ridiculous cases such as this: http://www.nj.com/cumberland/index.ssf/2015/02/unlawful_weapons_charges_dropped_against_nj_man_st.html

Andrew Carey can be reached at: 732-745-3300 and e-mail at Prosecutor@co.middlesex.nj.us

Personally I will be calling every morning and afternoon until Mr. Carey does the right thing and drop the charges against Carlo. Join me and together we can make a difference and your voices heard!

Alexander P. Roubian
President of NJ 2nd Amendment Society NJ2AS

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