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    • Thanks for posting Love America


      March 4 Trump DC 2018
      Announcing #MARCH4TRUMP March 4th in Washington DC at Lincoln Memorial and March to the WhiteHouse March4Trump was HIGHLY Successful Last year! This…
  • http://floridafamily.org/

    Florida Family Associaiton
    A values ministry focused on family and culture with specialties in Islam and Sharia law.
  • Former Navy SEAL Gives Best Ever Defense of the AR-15

    VIRAL VIDEO: Former Navy SEAL Gives Best Ever Defense of the AR-15
    Amid a concerted effort by the mainstream media, Democrats and left-leaning groups to pressure Congress into passing gun control measures, a 2016 vid…

    Mindblowing Corruption At FBI - NSA Whistleblower Reveals

  • Good Morning American's!!

    We all have a great intentions.  While this website is geared toward action, I see many that have not fully initiated their activity.  The time to act is now.  In order to claim our history we must continue to support the current administration.  So how we do that?  By inserting ourselves into the political fray.  

    Political FRAY??

    Join your local Republican Party and seek the postion of County Committeeperson.  That is the way to ensure or at least partake in ensuring Patriots are elected.  Constitutionally sound candidates that are willing and able to stand for US.  That's right US.

    When they swear the Oath to Defind the Constitution of the United States, that is a solemn oath to the PEOPLE.


  • We need to control the ballot box. identify your voting district and begin the process of becoming a committeeman or woman or friending your district committee person.

    History Lessons from Years Under Islamism
    by Majid Rafizadeh
    February 17, 2018 at 5:00 am
    This is a history lesson that Western and non-Islamist countries cannot afford to ignore. It is not just about history; it is about what can happen at any moment, in any country. It is about what is happening right now, beneath our noses -- in East Asia, Canada, South America and Europe. The only defense is to recognize it and confront it at its roots, before it has the opportunity to woo your politicians. Once they worry more about their popularity with voters than about the future of the country you are electing them to run, you are done. Once there is control of the ballot box, there will be more and more control over every aspect of your life, destroying any future you had planned and leaving the country you once had loved in ruins.

    History Lessons from Years Under Islamism
    My father's generation in Iran lived in an environment in which the Islamist party of the country's clergy cunningly depicted themselves as intending…
  • Hiking? Here are some tips

    Hiking Safety Rules | Trails.com
    For the hiking enthusiast, each trip is an adventure For a safe and satisfying excursion, following basic hiking safety rules will assure the... Read…
  • This message is from FAIR:
    URGENT: Tell the Senate to Focus on Fixing Our Immigration Problems, Not Amnesty
    This is it. This week. The Senate is poised to squander an historic opportunity to advance true immigration reform, leaving the American people to incur a massive amnesty with hollow promises of enforcement and legal immigration reductions down the road. What happens now is as consequential to this issue as anything that has happened in a decade or more.
    And FAIR needs YOU now, more than ever.
    Here's what we need to do:
    Call your two Senators and tell them that a DACA amnesty in exchange for token and ineffective immigration enforcement provisions is unacceptable. Remind them that your interests - American interests - are the priority and shouldn't be predicated on a quid-pro-quo for amnesty.
    Urge them to only support reforms that secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and reduce legal immigration by ending chain migration and the visa lottery. Most importantly, tell them that as a voting constituent, you'll be watching their actions very closely.
    On Monday, the Senate voted to begin floor debate on proposals to give amnesty to AT LEAST 1.8 million illegal aliens - a number far greater than the existing DACA population.
    The open debate is the fulfillment of a promise made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as part of efforts to end the government shutdown last month.
    One thing is already clear this week. Senators in both parties are dead set on ramming through a mass amnesty bill, while giving the American people little to nothing in return.
    We need to put their heads on straight. What about securing our borders, protecting American jobs, ending chain migration, and stopping dangerous sanctuary cities? These are the priorities of the American people, not amnesty.
    The stakes couldn't be any higher. Unless YOU speak up, the same thing could happen now that happened in 1986: millions of illegal aliens get amnesty, while we get empty promises of weak enforcement.
    We can't let this happen! Here's the contact information:
    Contact your two Senators via the U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121
  • The anti-Trump deep state.

    Listen to how the anti-Trump Deep state in the FBI and DOJ went after Trump before and after the election. 

    Schiff Memo Blocked Because DOJ & FBI Under "Investigation" Says Former Federal Prosecutor
    by Tyler Durden, Tue, 02/13/2018 - 04:44
    Joe DiGenova, a former Special Counsel who went after both the Teamsters and former NY Governer Elliot Spitzer, made the claim on a Monday interview with radio station WMAL.

    Schiff Memo Blocked Because DOJ & FBI Under "Criminal Investigation" Says Former Federal Prosecutor
    "It means, that there is a criminal investigation underway and release of some of the information in the memo by Mr. Schiff will affect that criminal…
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The present Refugee Resettlement Program is proving dangerous for American's national security and personal safety. The government is spending your tax dollars to bring tens of thousands of mostly Sunni Muslims into our country. Look at Europe and most recently Nice, France. Wake up America!

This Day in History

June 19, 1953: Rosenbergs executed

On this day in 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, are executed at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. Both refused to admit any wrongdoing and proclaimed their innocence right up to the time of their deaths, by the electric chair. The Rosenbergs were the first U.S. citizens to be convicted and executed for espionage during peacetime and their case…


Get started right away!  

Join with your fellow Americans locally in order to protect your families and local communities.   It’s time we got off our collective bums, and got out of the house, and confront our feckless government officials to make them stop the Refugee Resettlement Program.

So sign up now and get started right away with our first project.

Time to stop the importation of Muslim Refugees into our homeland at a time when Islam has declared war on the West.  

We should not allow ourselves to make the same mistake that Europe has made by allowing a massive refugee immigration  

We are bringing them here with our tax dollars.  

This is taxation without representation on steroids.  

Polling shows that 75% of Americans agree that the Muslim importation should be stopped.  

Let’s stop it.  

Get to work.

Time, as you know, is NOT on our side.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Take that first step now:  

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