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  • This is the number one reson for Restore the USA (RTU).  We encourage others to engage the politicos by joining the local political fray.  We Americans have been led to believe that we do not discuss religion and politics.  That MUST CHANGE.  Below is a prime expample of why.

    Dajani is the top aide to outgoing State’s Attorney, who levied the charges against Crowley after claiming that he received an anonymous tip about the campaign event. “I’m very concerned about my opponent,” Crowley said in June. “Having a radical anti-Semitic, anti-Israel book dedicated to her. What I’m asking the members of the press to do today, and I’ve asked these questions myself, but they haven’t been answered: Does Ms. Fox agree with this book? If she agrees with what’s in his book, she needs to say so.” “Fox,” otherwise known as Dajani, has not issued a statement to distance herself form her father’s anti-Jewish book which is dedicated to her. If she does not support the PLO like her father and uncle, it would be as simple as saying so, or answering my question. However, it is clear that Amira is running from the truth and is doing everything in her power to avoid addressing the elephant in the room, which begs the question, what else is she hiding? The circuit covers Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties. There are no Democrats running for the position of state attorney in Fort Myers, which means that the winner of the Republican primary will become state attorney after Florida voters head to to the polls for the Florida primary on August 28. The voters of Florida must now decide whether or not they can afford to vote for a terror tied candidate who has refused to condemn the PLO and has expressed hostility towards a Jewish Conservative journalist.



    VIDEO: Republican Candidate for FL State Attorney CONFRONTED Over Her Ties To Islamic Terrorism
    Amira Dajani just got LOOMERED in Florida
  • Oh what a swamp! https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/clinton-emails-never-examined.html/

    Majority of Clinton Related Emails on Weiner’s Laptop Never Examined
    This is the absolute corruption of an autocracy -- a criminal witch hunt of our duly elected president, while traitors and seditionists guilty of the…
  • NOW, it all begins to make sense.  https://shutupnsing.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/the-sunday-morning-tun...

    The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Moral Authority
    So Jesus said, “Are you still without understanding? Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated…
  • "Weak Men Create Hard Times, Hard Times Create Strong Men." https://www.barnhardt.biz/2018/08/23/the-barnhardt... 

    The Barnhardt Interview with Schiff Squirming Like a Toad Exists! Alternative Title: Weak Men Creat…
  •  AND...it is already HERE!https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/ga-highschool-911-our-fault.html/

    OUTRAGE: Georgia High School teacher tells students "9/11 WAS OUR FAULT" "THEY HAD GOOD REASON TO B…
    In this latest horror, a mother of a Georgia high school student was shocked to learn ......
  • The rational mind says, "Send in the Army to repel the enemy." But the enemy is the very government that would issue the order! https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/sweden-arson-yout... 

    Sweden ABLAZE: Buildings, Cars & Restaurant TORCHED Overnight as Arson Attacks Continue
    The new normal. "Youths."
  •  What is happening in Europe regarding free speech is not coming to America it is here.

    Social Media Purges of Conservatives and Christians Spark Outcry
    Friday, 09 March 2018
    Another victim of the purge, Natural News’ Adams, said the mass take-down of voices exposing the establishment was a precursor to something much worse. “What you need to understand about what’s happening is that this is
    the opening salvo of an actual war that the Left will soon take kinetic,” he said, arguing that the silencing of pro-America voices across the Internet was merely step one. “Then they stage another mass shooting false flag and use it
    to abolish the Second Amendment.”

    Social Media Purges of Conservatives and Christians Spark Outcry
    With social-media giants becoming increasingly hostile to anyone who disagrees with statist and globalist ideology, a growing chorus of voices is sou…
  • She just might proove to be more evil than her mother. http://secure.campaigner.com/csb/Public/show/e0fg-ryok1--hz5kx-7fu6...

    Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting 60 Million Babies Since Roe "Added $3.5 Trillion to Our Economy"
  • https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/antifa-free-speech-president.html/

    Antifa Calls for Removal of President, Overthrow of U.S. Government
    Antifa, the left's idea of free speech, is now calling for the removal of the president and the overthrow of the U.S. government.
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The present Refugee Resettlement Program is proving dangerous for American's national security and personal safety. The government is spending your tax dollars to bring tens of thousands of mostly Sunni Muslims into our country. Look at Europe and most recently Nice, France. Wake up America!

This Day in History

Get started right away!  

Join with your fellow Americans locally in order to protect your families and local communities.   It’s time we got off our collective bums, and got out of the house, and confront our feckless government officials to make them stop the Refugee Resettlement Program.

So sign up now and get started right away with our first project.

Time to stop the importation of Muslim Refugees into our homeland at a time when Islam has declared war on the West.  

We should not allow ourselves to make the same mistake that Europe has made by allowing a massive refugee immigration  

We are bringing them here with our tax dollars.  

This is taxation without representation on steroids.  

Polling shows that 75% of Americans agree that the Muslim importation should be stopped.  

Let’s stop it.  

Get to work.

Time, as you know, is NOT on our side.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Take that first step now:  

  1. Sign up here
  2. Download and Print out flyer/petition
  3. Hand deliver it to your congressional representative